European Tibetan Youth Parliament

On 9th April 2010, the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe successfully launched the Tibetan Youth Parliament. The main goal of the Youth Parliament is to strengthen the network within the Tibetan youth in Europe. It has been a great honour for the TYAE when His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed the Youth Parliament in person. In his speech, which was directed to the parliamentarians, as well as the members of the TYAE, His Holiness pointed out the great responsibility of the Tibetan youth in exile for the Tibetan movement. In addition to that, His Holiness also talked about the great importance of preserving the Tibetan culture and the Tibetan language in order to secure the continuity of the Tibetan people. His Holiness also praised the convening of the first European Tibetan Youth Parliament and called all the young Tibetans to build their own political opinion in the process of democratisation.

After the three-day conference, the first Tibetan Youth Parliament in Europe concluded the meeting by passing a resolution (Link: This resolution has been handed over to the prime minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile at that time, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, and the president of the parliament Penpa Tsering in an official manner.

Two years later, 120 participants from 9 different European countries gathered for the second Tibetan Youth Parliament “We Take Action” in Switzerland (Link: The third Youth Parliament themed “We Are United” already took place in 2013 in Belgium.

The aim of the Youth Parliament is to define the position of young Tibetans in Europe, appreciate its potentials and to find a common ground in order to develop new effective measures for the Tibetan movement and to strengthen the network European-wide coordinated actions.