TYAE Action- and Skillsharing Camp

The last few years have been exciting and eventful. The Tibetan Youth Association in Europe was able to consistently call attention to the problems in Tibet through efficient media work and spectacular campaigns. However, behind each headline there is a lot of planning, preparation and work involved. We were able to accumulate more knowledge and skills with each campaign, but could also learn from previous mistakes. It is important to us that we pass on this know-how in order to establish a pool of capable and motivated activists and leading figures. We therefore organize an Action and Skill-sharing Camp every year since 2009, in which we provide the possibility for young motivated Tibetans to educate themselves and to learn more about the nonviolent way of resistance.

Content of the TYAE Action Camp:

  • Media Communication: Training in handling the media
  • Planning and Coordination of Campaigns
  • Non Violence Training
  • Blockades
  • Training in climbing
  • Behaviour as an activist
  • Leading a group
  • Manufacturing of Materials
  • Sharing experience with other activists
  • Scenario exercises