Writing is NOT a crime! #FreeShokjang

On 16 March 2015 young Tibetan writer Shokjang disappeared in Tibet. Nearly one year later, having being held in secret by Chinese authorities, Shokjang was sentenced to 3 years in prison. His crime? Writing about the situation inside Tibet.

Tibetan writer and blogger Druklo, known more prominently by his pen-name Shokjang, is widely known in Tibet for his critical and thought-provoking articles about how China's policies affect the Tibetan people, such as the mass removal of Tibetan nomads from their traditional grasslands or about the environmental destruction. Shortly before his arbitrary detention, Shokjang had shared the following statement:

“Gun-toting soldiers have surrounded Rebkong. They are frisking the Tibetans. Is this meant to protect public security? Or is this a deliberate ploy to provoke the people? If this is how they create the so-called social stability, how extremely terrifying this act is!”

Shokjang was sentenced to three years imprisonment in February 2016 on charges of “inciting separatism”. In April 2016 a strongly­worded appeal to the Chinese authorities was received by Tibetans in exile. In the letter Shokjang not only expressed his innocence but provided remarkable detail of how his actions did not relate to separatism and were actually guaranteed under the Chinese constitution.

We call on Shokjang’s immediate release!

Shokjang is at risk of torture and inhumane treatment. Can you imagine to get imprisoned only because of expressing and writing down your thoughts? We live in a free country where the right of freedom of expression is guaranteed.

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