Be Tibet

February 13, 2013, marked the 100th anniversary of Tibet’s independence endorsement by the 13th Dalai Lama. He wrote a historical document, which was sent to all regions of Tibet. He called on his people to guard Tibet’s independence, as well as Tibet’s religion and culture.

An “Action Plan” was devised at the second Tibetan Youth Parliament in Europe “We take Action” in April 2012. It was postulated that the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe (TYAE) would take the lead in organising the activities for the 100th anniversary of Tibet's independence endorsement. The TYAE took this important anniversary as an occasion to petition for an official Tibetan National Day from its government in exile. The petition was launched in the communal hall Engelburg in Rikon, Switzerland.

The focus of the anniversary was an exhibition on the historical facts of Tibet’s independence. Young Tibetans and Tibet-interested people learnt that Tibet was always an independent country of China.

Approximately 400 Tibetans travelled in their traditional Tibetan wear to Rikon, Switzerland. A highlight was the Round Table concerning Tibet’s National Day and the “Be Tibet” petition.

Participants of the Round Table were notable Tibet experts, long-standing Tibet activists and experienced Tibet politicians, namely: Kelsang Gyaltsen (EU Special Envoy of H.H. Dalai Lama), Chitue Venerable Thubten Wangchen (Member of the Tibetan parliament in exile), Lobsang Gangshontsang (Representative of the local Tibetan parliament), Tendor (Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet) and Tenzin Kelden Losinger (President of TYAE).

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